Understanding Hair Loss – Reason of Hair Loss


Your hair plays a big role in your appearance. Sometimes, the first thing a person notice is your hair. Whatever ways you manage your hair, you often times encounter hair problems such as hair loss. The normal range of hair loss per day is 50 to 100. If more than the normal range of hair loss, consult a doctor immediately as it might be a sign of serious illness. There are many reasons of hair loss. Some of which are stress, hormonal changes, radiation, chemotherapy, thyroid disease and many more. Below are some common reasons of hair loss.

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Hormonal Changes


A hormonal change in the body is one of the major causes of hair loss. It can occur to both men and women. An example of a condition that resulted to hormonal changes in the body is childbirth, which takes place after a woman recovers from pregnancy. This usually occurs three months after giving birth and it takes three to six months for new hair to grow back.


    • Thyroid disease – people who have thyroid disorder are more likely to experience hair loss. It is best to seek medical help for proper treatment.
    • Cancer – hair loss occurs to cancer patients because of the chemotherapy and radiation brought by the treatment. They could lose their hair by 90% and it usually starts one to two weeks of treatment.
Reason of Hair Loss

Reason of Hair Loss

  • Fungus infection – a fungus infection like ringworm can cause patches in the scalp. It may lead to redness, broken hair, and swelling. It is usually common in children and could sometimes spread throughout the scalp.
  • Medication – drugs that are given to patients with heart problems, depression, gout, arthritis, and high blood pressure may experience hair shedding. Also, too much vitamin A results to hair loss.
  • Fever – a person who suffers high or severe fever and flu may cause temporary hair loss. No need to worry as it will resolve itself.
  • Iron deficiency – women who have heavy menstrual period may also go through temporary hair loss, same with people who have low iron intake. Laboratory check up is advisable to know if a person has iron deficiency.
  • Stress – high level of stress can cause hair shedding. To reduce stress, exercising, watching a movie, bonding with family, recreational activities, or some time alone help combat stress.
  • Poor diet – a person who has improper eating habit or lack of protein intake may result to protein malnutrition that can highly cause hair loss. This can be prevented by eating protein rich foods and proper diet.


Hair treatments

Hair treatments like dying, straightening, bleaching, curling, can cause severe hair damage if the procedure is not done properly, thus, leading to hair loss. Excessive brushing and over styling also contributes to hair fall.

Trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder)

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This is a disorder where a person unconsciously pulls off his hair leaving a small patch on the scalp. Constant pulling of hair may lead to serious hair loss and a psychiatrist or mental professional is needed to cure this problem.

It is important to know the reasons of hair loss as it greatly affects our life. Remember that if we take for granted these symptoms, it might cause a serious problem that will lead our health at risk.

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How to Grow your Hair Longer and Keeping it Strong and Healthy

            Some people wanted to have that long shiny hair simply because you can do many hairstyles from it. You can tie it, turn into a bun, braid, or just let it loose. Others just wanted to have a change of hairstyle while for men, maybe because they are tired of being bald or having a short hair. However, as you grow your hair, hair loss is inevitable. There are many reasons for hair loss. It is cause of stress, lack of sleep, hair treatments, or medication. The normal range of hair fall is 50 to 100 hairs per day. However, too much hair loss is not good and proper medication is advised. In addition, our hair grows approximately half inch per month. If you want to know how to grow your hair longer, continue reading to know some basic tips for hair growth.

How to grow your hair longer – Useful and Effective Tips

How to Grow your Hair Longer

How to Grow your Hair Longer

Balanced Diet

As they say, you are what you eat. Sometimes, what you eat comes out naturally in your hair. This means that proper diet is needed to achieve a healthy hair. Feed your body with lots of protein to ensure proper hair growth. Some of these foods include beans, nuts, fish and poultry, dairy products, leafy vegetables, eggs, yogurt, apples, strawberry, blueberry, broccoli, and cabbage.

Dink Plenty of Water

Water keeps the body hydrated. It also makes the skin and hair healthy. Make sure that you drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Enough Rest and Sleep

Enough rest and sleep promotes hair growth. Not only our body and health can benefit from it, but our hair as well. Lack of sleep results to hormonal changes that affect hair growth so make sure that you take enough rest and sleep especially when you’re tired.


Stress is the major cause of hair loss. Lessen your stress by engaging in recreational activities like cooking, reading, gardening, going to the park or watching a movie. Exercising, running, dancing, and yoga also reduce stress.




Shampoo and Conditioner

Always choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair. If you have oily or dry and damage hair, pick a mild shampoo and moisturize your hair with a good conditioner. It will protect your hair from dirt and UV rays, thus, making your hair grow healthily.

Get a Proper Trim

It doesn’t mean that you cut your hair halfway through especially if you want to grow your hair. Just trim the ends to avoid split ends and hair breakage.

Proper Care for Hair

  • Wash your hair 3 to 4 times a week. It is not good to wash your hair regularly as it blocks the hair’s natural oil.
  • When combing, it is best to use a wooden comb instead of a brush. It is also advisable that you comb your hair when it is already dry.
  •  As much as possible, avoid using hair dryer or curling iron as it makes your hair dry and damaged.
  • You can also use hot oil treatment for your scalp once a week to get rid of dandruff.

Always remember that a healthy lifestyle really makes a difference in hair growth. Avoid smoking, drinking too much alcohol and caffeine as this may slow down hair growth process. Take note of these simple tips on how to grow your hair longer to have those beautiful and healthy locks!


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4 Alternative Ways to do your Hair


The advantage of having a long hair is that you can style your hair whatever way you want, whether it is tied up or letting it loose. Girls are very keen when it comes to hair because it boosts their self-confidence. It makes them feel beautiful whenever they have smooth and shiny hair. Some women pay a monthly visit at beauty salons just to primp up their locks. They even spend a lot of money just to make their hair beautiful.

Remember that men do not only focus on a woman’s face but also to the crowning glory. If you want to impress men, change your entire look, or just simply want to play with your hair, here are some simple ways to do your hair.

Way to do your hair

Way to do your hair

Curl your hair

If you want to get the attention of your crush, curl your hair! Give your hair those big sexy waves for a flirty look. It is suitable for medium-length hairs to long layers. Curling the hair is very easy. For temporary curls, all you need is a large curling iron for bigger waves. Don’t forget to apply heat resistant spray or cream before and after curling to protect your hair from the heat.  Also, try using big rollers to curl your hair and apply hairspray for effective result. You can also visit your hairstylist and get your hair a perm. This could last for months.

Straight Hair

If you want to be prim and proper, straight hair is for you. You can use a flat iron to straighten the hair or you can try rebonding or other hair treatments.  To keep straight hair in best condition, wash your hair 3 to 4 times a week. Use a comb to brush your hair so that it will not be prone to breakage. Always choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type and lastly, drink plenty of water and have a healthy diet.

Hair Coloring

If you’re tired of your usual hair color, one way to do your hair is applying hair color. You can go for brown, blonde, red, or simply go for black lustrous hair. First thing to do is to look for the best hair color for you. You can color at home; just make sure to follow instructions carefully. Also, read the ingredients since there are harmful chemicals that could damage your hair. However, consulting your hairstylist is much better because they know the best hair color for you. You are assured that they have abundant knowledge on hair treatments making you less worry for hair damage.

Cut! Cut! Cut!

Long hair? Want a change? Cut your hair! You can opt for a bob, layers, or bangs! Ask your hairstylist on what hairstyle is best for your face. Some cuts make your face look bigger or smaller or sometimes look so awkward. Cutting your hair also prevent you from getting split ends.

There are so many ways to do your hair. It’s just a matter of creativity and research, in a sense that you look for style that is suitable for your personality and face. Remember that too much hair treatment can damage the hair. Keep your hair healthy by having a healthy lifestyle and a regular visit to beauty salons.


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Grow Hair Using Essential Oil | Grow hair using oil

Our hair has natural oil, which is an essential component that makes the hair healthy. However, too much oil causes your hair to become greasy and washing it almost every day will bring no good. That is why it is advisable to wash the hair every other day or 3 to 4 times per week. Not just that, it also promotes hair growth, which everybody wants.

There are certain essential oils that could make your hair grow fast. It comes from different foods and herbs. Some people may find it effective but keep in mind that not all essential oils react successfully to every person. It is a matter of finding the right one. If you want your hair to grow, hair oil treatments from beauty salons are a big help. These may be costly but there are certain ways to grow hair fast without spending big bucks of money. Below are some essential oils that are good for hair growth.

Grow Hair Oil

Grow Hair Oil

Coconut Oil

If you wish to grow hair, oil coming from the coconut is the best solution. It is full of vitamins and nutrients making the hair smooth, shiny, and healthy.

Olive Oil and Almond Oil

These two essential oils are proven to make hair grow fast. Just simply massage it in your scalp using your fingertips in a circular motion. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly. It is best to apply before shampooing.


Applying basil oil in your scalp promotes and stimulates hair growth. By massaging it unto the scalp, it penetrates deep down, thus, improving scalp circulation. Combine basil oil with ivy burdock herbs and fenugreek for best result.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oils have the essential components to cure damage hair. It is also one of the best solutions for hair loss due to breakage. Mix jojoba oil with other natural oils of your choice and massage it gently on the scalp and the rest of the hair. Start from roots to tips.

Bay Oil

This oil is good for dandruff treatments. Bay oil not only improves hair growth but it could also help restore dry and frizzy hair. Apply this before shampooing. Make sure to rinse it well to leave no residue.

These essential oils help by increasing the blood circulation in the scalp. If the scalp is healthy, expect that the hair is also healthy. By applying essential oils in the scalp, it regulates the natural oil from the skin (also known as sebum), hence, encouraging the hair to grow healthily. As mentioned above, excessive oil results to wax-like layer that cause greasiness and prevents hair growth.

Grow hair using oil treatment once or twice a week. This will definitely do the works! Since essential oils contains many nutrients and very therapeutic, you’ll definitely see results in an instant. One helpful tip – heat the bottle of the oil in a bowl of hot water and apply on the scalp. You can also wrap a warm towel around your head to secure oil absorption. It also relaxes the mind!

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How to Keep Your Hair Healthy –8 Helpful Tips for a Healthy Hair

            It is important to keep your hair healthy because it does not only represent our outer appearance but also your health. Your hair boosts your self-confidence, personality and your entire look. If not taken care properly, it will mess up your whole appearance. Your hair becomes dry, damage, brittle, dull, and more likely prone to dandruff and hair loss if not well managed. Therefore, as early as now, know how to keep your hair healthy to make your hair fresh, shiny, and bouncy!

Tips on how to keep your hair healthy:

  1. Proper Diet

It is important to have a balanced diet for healthier cells inside and out. Shampoo and conditioner is not enough to achieve the hair you wanted. Therefore, it is important to eat protein rich foods to make your hair grow beautifully and healthy. Foods like nuts, eggs, salmon, beans, dark green vegetables, whole grains, and poultry are just a few examples that will make your hair strong and healthy.pelangsing badan dengan program diet smart detox

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

2. Choose the right Shampoo and Conditioner

There are shampoos and conditioners available for every hair type. It is necessary that you know your hair type, whether you have dry, damage, or oily hair and then choose the best shampoo that is appropriate for your hair. It will not only make your hair clean but it keeps hair smooth and protected from pollutants. Choose a milder shampoo and always read the instructions.

3. Blow Dry

This is a big no-no if you want to have a smooth and bouncy hair. The heat damages the hair, but if you can’t resist, try blow-drying just halfway through and let your hair air dry.

4.Washing Routine

It is essential to wash the hair to clean away dirt. However, washing regularly will block the natural oil of the hair. It is best that you wash your hair every other day or 3 to 4 times a week. Never use your nails to rub your scalp when you washing. Use your fingertips instead and rub gently.

5.Trim Split Ends

Split ends are a big turn off. It doesn’t look appealing to the eyes. Always have your hair trim every 4 to 6 months to avoid split ends. They will continue to split and break if left uncut.

6.Use Hair Serums

Hair serums helped a lot in making your hair look shiny. It also protects your hair from the harmful rays of the sun. Just coat a little amount of hair serum unto your hair. Start from the roots to tips. It will add natural shine and bounce to your hair.

7.Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Hair dyes and other hair treatment could damage the hair. Before applying any treatment in your hair, always read the ingredients and instructions carefully. You may also try organic hair treatments as they contain natural components to keep hair healthy.

8.Avoid Stress

Stress is the number one factor of hair loss. It also makes your hair dull and frizzy. For a healthy hair glow, always have the right amount of rest and sleep.

Everybody wants strong and beautiful hair. Follow these simple tips on how to keep your hair healthy to achieve the hair you’re craving for!


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Simple Steps to Grow Out Your Hair | growing hair out tips

It is very common to see guys with short hair because it is the norm for men. However, there are some who want to make a change with their hair and want to grow it out. What triggered them may be the crave for a new hairstyle or women who like long-haired guys. In doing so, some face difficulties such as having hair that takes so long to grow or hair that does not look okay when it is long. If you’re one of them, search no more for here are some of the growing hair out tips that you can use to have that long hairstyle.

Know what kind of long hairstyle you want. Take note of your face shape and your hair type. Search for pictures of men that have your face shape and type of hair. This will be your goal. Keep it because you’re going to show it your stylist. Your hair will need to be cut once in a while to help your achieve the style that you want.

Next on our growing hair out tips is to have your hair cut every eight weeks. It is not true that having frequently trimming your hair will make it grow faster. But having your hair cut every eight weeks will help prevent the likelihood of split ends that will hinder the growth of your hair. Also, when having long hair, your hair will look better if there are no split ends.

growing hair out tips

growing hair out tips

Buy hair accessories such as hats, bonnets, hair ties and bandanas. While growing out your hair, you may look and feel awkward as you haven’t reached your goal style yet. Also, long hair may interfere with your daily activities or may be a problem during windy days. Don’t worry. You can still look good while wearing these things. You just have to get used to it.

Take good care of your hair by using the right shampoo and conditioner. This will depend on what type of hair you have. To keep your hair healthy, buy shampoos and conditioners that will make it strong, moist and elastic so that your hair won’t be vulnerable to damage. It will also be helpful to purchase natural products rather than chemical based ones. Shampoo your hair every other day or every two days to prevent losing the natural oil in your hair that it needs.

After washing your hair, do not rub it with a towel as it can damage your hair and make it prone to breakage. Do not blow dry it as heat can cause damage to your hair, too. Simply air dry it. It may take longer but at least your growing hair won’t be damaged. If you really have to use a towel then just pat dry it.

Use a wide toothcomb when combing it. Longer hair is more prone to having tangles. A wide toothcomb will help you prevent breaking your hair when you have tangles. Also, when detangling, don’t pull your hair until it detangles as pulling may cause hair loss. Instead, hold your hair above the tangle.

Lastly, eat nutritious foods especially those high in protein. Your hair is made up of protein and lack of this nutrient will hinder in growing your hair.

Who says guys won’t be able to grow long hair? Just go and follow the simple growing hair out tips above and surely you’ll get that long mane that you’ve always wanted.

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Biotin: Natural Way to Make Your Hair Grow | Does biotin make hair grow

You might have read a lot of articles on how to regrow your hair and found out that biotin is one of them. The question is does biotin make hair grow for real? Men who are desperate after trying many products and treatments surely want to know the answer to that question. To have your question answered and to give you extra knowledge about biotin, continue reading.

Does biotin make hair grow? The answer is yes. Lack of biotin intake is proven to cause hair loss. It participates in many body processes that are needed for proper hair growth. It is needed in cell proliferation that is why it is essential in hair growth. Hair is mainly made up of proteins, keratin to be specific, and biotin helps in the production of amino acids, the building blocks of protein when biotin is ingested. It also helps in the absorption of protein needed by your hair. Biotin also oxidizes carbohydrates and fatty acids and is vital in glucose metabolism. This helps your hair grow. Another thing that biotin does is that it plays a part in the production of red blood cells. Red blood cells are a component of blood and blood is responsible for delivering the nutrients that your hair needs. Lastly, it helps in the proper synthesis of DNA, which is needed for healthy growth of cells and cell division.

does biotin make hair grow

does biotin make hair grow

Biotin is part of the vitamin B-complex family and is found on food or can be taken as a supplement. It can be found mainly on foods like egg yolks, fish, soybeans, almonds and peanuts, cauliflower, avocado and raspberries. Some of these foods also contain vitamin A, which is also vital for a healthy growing hair. Biotin is naturally synthesized in the body by fungi, bacteria and yeast mainly in the intestines.

Now let’s talk about the amount of biotin that you should take daily. Males older than 19 years old should take 30mcg of biotin. But studies show that your body can tolerate excessive amounts of it and therefore you won’t experience any adverse effects. There are topical forms of biotin but it is recommended that you take the oral ones. It is because some studies show that biotin in topical form cannot penetrate the scalp and won’t have an effect to your hair. So take biotin in supplement form or take foods rich in it. However, don’t think that if you consume more than what you should consume, you’ll have more hair or that you’re your hair will grow faster.

So you now have your question “Does biotin make hair grow?” Biotin is essential for hair growth. But you have to bear in mind that biotin will help grow your hair only if there are no other underlying conditions such as lupus or hormonal imbalance. When using biotin to make your hair grow, remember that a substance called avidin, which is found on raw egg white blocks the absorption of biotin. Lastly, taking biotin to make your hair grow will only work if you’ll have a healthy lifestyle as well to prevent hair loss.


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How to curl your hair | A Simple Guide to Get Those Lovely Curls

Women are either born with straight or curly hair. Those with curly hair want their hair straightened. But although straight hair is elegant, there are also many straight-haired girls that want to curl their hair for style. Some curl their hair for an occasion or for even just going to school. It is because curls are always in fashion. If you have straight hair and don’t know what to do, read this article on how to curl your hair.

Before you do the steps on how to curl your hair, prepare the things that you need first and these are

  • Heat-protectant spray, curling crème, hair spray and anti-frizz spray
  • Curling iron- the size that you are going to use depends on how small or big you want your curls to be.
  • Wide-tooth comb and brush

Now that you have the things that you need, you are now ready to learn the steps on how to curl your hair.

how to curl your hair

how to curl your hair

First step is to completely dry your hair. Don’t skip this step because it is very important. When you curl your wet hair, it will burn your hair and will cause permanent damage in it and you don’t want that.

After drying, brush your hair and make sure that your hair is tangle-free.

Next is to apply a heat-protectant spray to your hair. This will protect your hair from the heat of the curling iron and will prevent damage. You can also apply a curling crème that will help hold the curls.

Now set the curling iron at the right temperature. Set it into a high temperature if your hair is porous or coarse and set into low temperature if your hair is finer. Let it heat for a few minutes.

Next, get a portion of your hair. It may be a small or large portion of your hair depending on how big your curling iron is. Clip the part of your hair that is closest to the root in the curling iron. Then, slide the iron down until it reaches the tips but don’t completely slide it off. While holding the tip, wrap your hair around the barrel of the curling iron until you reach the top. But don’t go completely at the top. Leave an inch or so to prevent your head from being burned. Curl your hair depending on the direction that you want it to curl in. For an inward curl, curl it under and for an outward curl, curl it above. Hold your hair for 10 seconds. Don’t hold your hair in the curling iron for too long as it will fry your hair and will make it frizzy. Start uncurling your hair by slowly releasing it from the iron. When releasing your hair, bring the iron downwards. Continue repeating this step in your remaining hair.

After you’ve finished curling all your hair, you can comb it using a wide-tooth comb to arrange it or just tousle it using your fingers. It is better to use your fingers because it won’t damage the curls.

If your curls became frizzy, you can apply an anti-frizz serum. If you need your curls to last for a long period of time, apply some hairspray but don’t put too much as it will make your curls lifeless.

Now you know what to do to have that lovely curl. Get your things now and start using the steps above to get the curl that you want.


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The 4-Step Guide in Regrowing Your Hair Quickly

Many men experience hair loss, the young and the old. It may be caused by the genes of a person, a hormone called DHT or by the hair products and the treatments his hair receives. Are you one of these men who are sick and tired on finding really effective ways to regrow your hair? There are many products and treatments that promise to help you grow your hair quickly but are not effective. So why buy these expensive products if you can grow your hair quickly by using natural methods? To give you what you are looking for, here are some simple steps you can use to grow your hair quickly.

Step 1 : Guide in Regrowing Your Hair Quickly

Change your diet. Include foods rich in nutrients. Eat foods with vitamins such as vitamin B-complex, especially biotin that is essential for hair regrowth. You should also eat high-protein foods as researchers found out that protein deficiency leads to thinning of hair and hair loss. It is because hair is made up of proteins. High-protein foods include fish, cheese, nuts and beans. It will also be helpful to eat green leafy vegetables and use olive oil when cooking to make your scalp healthy. A healthier scalp will help regrow your hair. Lastly, avoid fatty foods as too much fat will clog your arteries and will prevent good blood circulation.

Step 2 : Exercise. Some people think that this step is unnecessary and will have no effect with their hair. Well, they’re wrong. When you have a sedentary lifestyle just like what couch potatoes have, there is no proper blood circulation.

Because of that, nutrients needed by the cells are not delivered. When you exercise such as walking, running or jogging, your blood circulates well and gives the nutrients that are essential to the hair follicles. Also, exercising will decrease the levels of the stress hormone cortisol and the male hormone DHT. Do moderate exercising only as too much will make you feel exhausted and stressed out.

grow your hair quickly

grow your hair quickly

Step 3 : Replace your chemical based shampoos with herbal ones. Chemical based shampoos have the ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate that is proven to make hair dry and brittle. Use shampoos that have tree tea oil or green tea as an ingredient.

This will help regrow your hair quickly . Use shampoos only twice a week. This is enough to prevent dandruff and hair fall.

Step 4 : Massage your scalp using essential oils. Massaging your scalp will promote blood circulation. Focus on the areas on your head that is bald but massage the other areas as well. Use natural oils such as rosemary, henna, lavender, castor, almond and olive oil. These oils will stimulate the hair follicles so that they will grow more quickly.

Massage your scalp with oil in a circular motion and within five minutes. You can leave the oil in your hair overnight. Just cover your head with a towel or a plastic bag. To remove the oil in your in the morning, just gently scrub it and do not use shampoo.

And those are the simple steps that you can use to make your hair regrow quickly. But always remember that by quickly we do not mean overnight. Commit in using these natural steps and do not stop doing so if you do not see your hair regrowing as quickly as you want it to.

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6 Steps on How to Make Your Hair Stronger

Weak, brittle hair causes hair fall and hair loss especially in men causing them to have a receding hairline. Hair becomes weak and easily broken because of many factors such as increased levels of DHT and the use of chemical based products like hair gel, wax and shampoos. When you want to regrow your hair, it is important to make hair stronger first so that your efforts on regrowing your hair won’t be put into waste. If you are searching for simple steps you can do yourself at home to make hair stronger, here are the steps that will help you with your problem.

Step 1 : Make Your Hair Stronger

Avoid the use of chemical based hair products and chemical treatments.

Use herbal shampoos that do not contain chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate because this chemical damages and weakens your hair. Seek also for natural shampoos that will help your hair be shiny, moist and elastic. Try to avoid using hair gels and hair wax. If you really can’t prevent yourself from using such products, use water based natural wax and try to use small amounts of it only. Lastly avoid chemical treatments such as hair coloring because it will make your hair dry, lifeless and weak.

Step 2 : Avoid doing things to your hair that may pull it out of the scalp such as pulling your hair into tight ponytails or other hairstyles and wearing tight hats.

Doing these things will cause a hair condition that called “traction alopecia”, wherein the hair is pulled out. When you wear tight hats or do tight hairstyles very often or for a long period of time, it may become permanent.

Step 3 : Change your lifestyle. Eat nutritious and high protein foods such as fish and beans, exercise to have a better blood circulation, reduce stress and sleep well.

Step 4 : Avoid using hot shower. It feels good to bathe in hot water but it damages your hair. Too much heat will remove the oil needed by your hair thus making your hair dry and vulnerable to damage.

Step 5 : After taking a bath, do not dry your hair by rubbing the towel.

Always remember that when your hair is wet, it is more prone to damage and breakage. Rubbing the towel will cause your hair to have tangles and becomes stretched until it breaks. Rubbing it with a towel will make your hair frizzy, have split ends and have damaged cuticle making your hair weaker. What you have to do is to shake your hair to remove the excess water and dry it by stroking your hair to where it grows. Drying will take a little longer this way but doing this will make your hair stronger to prevent hair loss.

Step 6 : Avoid blow drying your hair to dry or style it because it will make your hair dry. If you really need to do so, apply a heat protectant spray in your hair.

So those are the tips to make hair stronger. Some of these tips are hard to do but bear in mind that these are the easiest steps to prevent your hair from being weak. Avoiding the things said above will just be a little sacrifice with a big reward of having a stronger hair.